Talin and Toma Avanessian

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Toma Avanessian is the writer, illustrator, and inker of Panseraphium: a Medicine Story, the first in a series of fun and quirky books which whimsically share the timeless wisdoms from an eclectic range of spiritual traditions scattered throughout humanity, encouraging the cultivation of self-mastery and mental discipline, whilst serving as inspiration regarding life’s challenges.

With an eye for detail and a heart for adventure, Talin Avanessian, was exactly what Toma was looking for in both a life partner and painter for this endeavour. Endearingly nicknamed “The Colormiester” for her formidable prowess as a painter, Talin undertook the challenge to channel their entire life’s energy into going on an adventure to make a book about an adventure. Their hope is to inspire others to stretch the Self, so as to understand the Self, so as to heal the Self, and heal others.

Having experienced their share of hardships, both before and after marriage, and having been individually on a path of self-healing and growth, the creation of this book, and the union of the two authors, has been, seemingly, fated. Before time and circumstance conspired to push them towards a new destiny, Toma and Talin were, among many other things, educators to students with Special Needs and Yoga instructors. Their other principle creative endeavour is music; Talin and Toma, are multi-instrumentalist musicians of renown in both North and South America alike. They also enjoy floristry, photography, and within it all, loving plants, animals, and nature. Ultimately, they like to travel to places and, quite simply, do good.