"Our Life is a Dream, 
 with No Beginning and No End,
and We are only who We are
 for just as long as We Pretend."

Panseraphium: The Medicine Story

Panseraphium: The Medicine Story, a play on the word pandemonium, is an immersive, profound, humorous and poetic fantasy/adventure Graphic Novel written, hand-illustrated, and hand-painted by husband and wife team, Toma and Talin Avanessian. The character-driven, coming-of-age, 5,000-word, narrative of Suessian rhyme and clever wordplay within Panseraphium: The Medicine Story is playfully supported by 104 full double-page illustrations. Vivid color and smart perspective, executed with masterful cunning, leap off every page. The story opens with a lovable, yet flawed, protagonist, the Seraph, in a playfully cliché fairy-tale world, which later develops into something much more creative, complex, and profound. Panseraphium’s depth is born of the authors’ hardships and life experiences, and they are irresistibly compelled to share wisdom and perspective through whimsy and shenanigans. To that effect, Panseraphium makes frequent, and generally subtle, references to pop-culture, literature, and memes: Something to nostalgically excite adults and appeal to young readers alike. Furthermore, Panseraphium: The Medicine Story is merely the humble beginning to a much more involved series of quirky adventures and meaningful wisdom teachings. This initial story serves as a playful introduction into the authors’ world of diverse and curious characters, their offbeat adventures, and uplifting themes of empowerment.


Synopsis (Mostly Spoiler-Free):

Panseraphium: The Medicine Story begins with our protagonist, the Seraph, who lives in a literal hole in the sky. In an endeavour to fill a figurative hole in his heart, the Seraph leaves behind his Sky-Hole-House and soon finds himself stranded in the brave new world below. 

Not to fear, for the Seraph soon encounters a quick-thinking and resourceful Panda and the two of them set off on an offbeat yet, nevertheless, extraordinary adventure of self-discovery and self-mastery. Along the way forging new friendships with other quirky and motley characters who aid them on their quest.

Ultimately, with the passage of time, adventure, and experience, the Seraph grows, finding that he is “no longer whoever he ever had been before,” and sets his sights upon new horizons and the infinite possibilities which they promise.